Упражнения по английскому языку по теме «Определительные относительные придаточные междометия»

Defining relative clauses

Определённые относительные придаточные междометия вводятся местоимениями:

Who – ( кто, который – для одушевлённых лиц)

A teacher is someone who teaches us at school.

That/which ( который) – относится как к одушевлённым, так и неодушевлённым предметам.

A teacher is someone that teaches us at school.

A subway is a railway that runs and the ground.

Наречие where:

They come to the house where I live.

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with who, which/that or where.

  1. A hot is something _______ you wear on your head.

  2. A postoffice is a place ______ you can post letters.

  3. A journalist is someone ______ writes for a magazines.

  4. A folk museum is a museum _____ you can see historic items.

  5. I know someone ______ speak six languages.

  6. Builders are people ______ build houses.

  7. Lets go _____ we went last week.

  8. New Years Day is an event ______ is celebrated on 31 December.

  9. I like words ______ sound nice.

  10. Have you got the message _____ I left for you?

  11. A newsagent is a person _____ sells newspapers.

Exercise 2. Write definitions for those words.

Kitchen. Kitchen is the peace where I cook my meals.

Supermarket ________________________________________________

IT teacher ___________________________________________________

Fridge _____________________________________________________

Shoes _____________________________________________________

Museum ___________________________________________________

Exercise 3. Complete these sentences so that they are true for you. Use who, which, that.

  1. I know someone ________________________________________

  2. I have got a neighbour ___________________________________

  3. I have never been to Italy _________________________________

  4. I know a place __________________________________________

  5. I don’t like Maths _______________________________________

  6. I have never had a holiday ________________________________

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